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Recent Acquisitions

One of my most enjoyable aspects of this business is finding new merchandise and making it available to collectors or other dealers that may have a client looking for a certain motif. In my years of experience I have found my most recent treasures are the ones that sell first and are off the market never to be seen again. So if you see a piece you truly love do not hesitate!

Galle Cameo Vase


Daum Nancy Cameo Vase


Daum Nancy Mold Blown Vase


Daum Pillow Vase


Galle Cineraires Lamp


Daum Nancy Fall Scene


Available Items

Our inventory of items is always being updated so check back often to see what is new. We would be happy to provide additional information and detailed condition reposts on any of our available items. We also sell privately to the discreet buyer and offer a payment plan for those extra special pieces that are a must have in your collection. Enjoy your shopping!

Upcoming Shows

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Saturday, Jan, 4, 2020 2pm – 10pm
Sunday, Jan, 5, 2020 11am – 7pm
Monday, Jan, 6, 2020 11am – 7pm
Tuesday, Jan, 7, 2020 11am – 7pm
Wednesday, Jan, 8, 2020 11am – 4pm

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Friday 10am to 8pm
Saturday 10am to 5pm

About George Sorensen

George Sorensen displaying art glass

I started collecting French Art Glass in 1994. Since that point on I have had a passion for finding rare pieces. Although I started as a collector, my vision gradually changed and I became a dealer. This vision allows me to help my clients find great pieces of glass for their own collection.

With my years of experience I have developed vast knowledge and have become well educated in the industry of decorative arts. Even after 25 years of handling thousands of pieces, when I see something special, the passion, the love and excitement I have for this business is still fresh as when I began. Also I have many contacts worldwide which allows George Sorensen Antiques (GSA) access to many fantastic pieces of art glass, many of which have not been made public and have not been shown.

I specialize in French glass, American glass, English glass and pottery, and Lighting.