Muller Freres Luneville


Muller Freres Luneville

Rare Muller Freres Luneville Vase, soufflé technique with birds roosting all around the vase. Signed “Muller Freres Luneville” on the lower side. Item #3299

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The Muller Brother:

founders of the Muller Frères glassworks, were artistic glassmakers of the Art Nouveau era. The family included nine talented members including Eugène Muller (1883-1917), Désiré Muller (1877-1952) and Henri Muller. The Muller family, originally from Kalhausen (Moselle), settled in Lunéville in 1870. Three of the brothers, Henri, Désiré and Eugène were recruited by Emile Gallé as clerks or engravers-decorators on glass. But, in 1897, Henri Muller will leave Emile Gallé, taking with him many secrets. He created his own glass decoration workshop in Lunéville where he was joined by his other brothers, his sister and his father. His production was in direct competition with that of Gallé. The glasses are then blown in Croismare, in the Hinzelin goblet factory, then decorated in Lunéville. Many pieces will come out of it, of good technical quality and very similar to those produced in the Gallé factory in Nancy: typical Art Nouveau vases, lamps and trinkets. Production is often multi-layered glass, wheel-cut or acid-etched with naturalistic depictions.


Size: 11 inches
Condition: Excellent Condition